My restaurant “crush”

Narrowing down one restaurant that I am in love with in San Francisco is a tough thing to to do. After a long brainstorm I figured my all-time restaurant “crush” (in San Francisco) is NOPA– 560 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117 OPEN TILL 1AM!

Food: Best pork chop HANDS DOWN in San Francisco. Flatbread is also refreshingly light and crispy always combining the season’s freshest greens with a some kind of savory goodness. Their burger brags to be the juiciest in town.

Drinks: Bartenders here are well trained in mixology it seems as they are able to whip up something that caters to your personal requests. I’m always very selective on the cocktails I have (they add up to more $$$ than your meal!) My first cocktail here was the Elderflower Gimlet – refreshing, citrus-y, and simply delicious. Although it is no longer on the menu, you can request it to the bartenders and they’ll shake it up for ya right away. They have a long list of cocktails unique to the restaurant as well and if you don’t see anything that jumps out, you can always request whatever you want.

Service/Ambiance: The decor is very chic but gives off a casual vibe making any patron feel comfortable walking in. Diverse crowd for the most part but tends to have mainly young adults. Service is always impeccable – a friendly, warm greeting instantaneously with lively positive attitude by the waiters and waitresses – they always seem to love their jobs. NOPABLOG


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