The Trendy Neighborhood Italian

Delarosa – 2175 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 in Marina/Cow Hollow | Italian, Cocktail Bar |

Beretta’s sister restaurant | Roman style pizza & seasonal small dishes along with paninis & pasta dishes. Great selection of artisanal beers and refreshing cocKtails. C A S U AL yet M O D E R N Italian.

Located in the trendy Marina district of San Francisco, this place screams neighborhood restaurant as a majority of their patrons are young families. Community style table seating is kid friendly and their wide variety of antipasti dishes please both parents and kids. Reasonably priced dishes caters towards the young professionals however the large selection of draft beers and unique cocktails will definitely hike your tab up!

Highlight: Salty dog Cocktail | vodka, elderflower, grapefruit, salt (fresh grapefruit juice)

Verdure crude | carrots,turnips,
fennel,cucumber,beets, vinaigrette


Pizza | Fennel sausage ,tomato, scamorza, onion with arugula


Skewers | Scallops, citrus, leeks, potatoes


Meatballs in spicy marinara




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